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    What happens when you wear wrong shoes

    According to the health experts, one third of the population wears shoes that are poorly fitted. One of the reasons for this is "style" that takes precedence over comfort for them. However, this choice of people often leads them to face problems such as blisters, calluses, bruises, aching arches, tightness, and sometimes more serious problems like changes to walking and so on.

    So, dear Asian folks, we would like you to know that if you have the right kind of shoe for yourself, you will definitely get most out of it to keep yourself fighting fit. 

    You must consider these 4 essential points while getting sports running shoes for men or women.

    Missing Arch Support

    If you notice that you are in pain and your shoes are not providing you with the required support, then you are definitely wearing the wrong shoes. You must be wondering then how to get rid of wrong shoes, you can choose a shoe which can deliver you the proper arch support. Avoid picking any shoes. Try to know about your feet by doing a simple wet test. It will tell you if you have flat feet or normal feet. After that you can pick a good pair of shoes with maximum lateral support. 

    Uneven grip and fit

    Let us save your some money and time. Yes, an uneven grip and a loose or tight fit can cause you discomfort and eventually serious pain. Many a times, we buy shoes that fit perfectly but become loose after a few days. You must keep in mind the right size of your feet so you don’t end up confused between wrong sizes. 

    Changes in Posture and Walking

    You notice that your walking style has changed. Now you wonder who is to blame? Perhaps those high heels in your shoes; yes, those extra heels can put strain on your spine. Shoes are designed to fit you, not the other way around; therefore, replace those poorly constructed shoes with uneven fit.

    Tight tip of the shoes

    Get yourself a pair of shoes that fit you well and are comfortable; it shouldn’t be a chaotic ride for you but an enjoyable one when you wear them. Your toes should get a proper space to fit in your shoes. If you will continue running, jogging, or even strolling, you must be in a position where your toes can move freely without any difficulty. If there’s not enough room for your toes while you walk or run, then after your running session, your feet will be hurting. Therefore, you must buy a pair of sports shoes that can fit you well.

    When is the right time to change your shoes?

    First of all, it is a well-known fact that all shoes are prone to wear and tear over time. Experts all over the world hold the view that sports shoes have a life of around 500 to 600 kilometers. If you continue using those same sports shoes and overuse them, they won’t be able to provide you with the right comfort and performance.

    If the sole of the shoe has flattened and the grip has withered away, then it is time to bid adieu to your old shoe and treat yourself to a good pair of Asian Shoes.

    Wrap up

    Good quality sports shoes are a must-have accessory for everyone. Sports shoes are the most comfortable type of shoes; one can wear them while performing their day-to-day tasks smoothly. The right kind of shoe can immensely help you achieving your goals.

    If you've made it this far, we hope you've enjoyed reading this blog. Explore the latest collection of Asian Footwears today!