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    Top Highly Breathable Shoes for Summer

    Picking the right shoes can let you conquer the world and make you feel unstoppable. We all have our good and bad days, but we must get up every time and run harder than before.  It is in the blood of AsianRiders to compete with themselves and find their best version. Yes, our AsianRiders never settle for anything less than the best, and winning and reaching new heights is all that keep them alive.

    Asian MetaCushion-01: for the trend setters

    Asian Metacushion-01 Shoe for women

    What’s the hype here:

    • MetaCushion Technology for Maximum Comfort at Pressure Points
    • Extremely Breathable Jacquard Upper
    • See-through air cavity that enables the runner to run with maximum comfort
    • Memory Foam Insole for stellar comfort
    • Max Cushion Technology provides excellent shock absorption
    • TPR Out-sole for strong grip & anti-slip
    • EVA compound Mid-sole for better bounce & light weight

    So, have you decided to hop on this full-featured shoe? This Metacushion-01 has already set the market ablaze and has become one of our bestsellers. It is the ideal combination of style and performance, that’ll keep you on track to slay in your daily tasks.

    The infusion of MetaCushion technology and Warp Jacquard Technology makes it extra comfortable to use in the sultry summer weather. The air circulation works seamlessly through the high-end upper.

    Asian Legend-02: for the trend breakers

    Asian Legend-02 Shoe for man

    What’s the hype here:

    • Premium flexible TPU & Waveflow Technology
    • Midsole integration for increased durability, energy return, and shock absorption
    • Jacquard upper construction with synthetic fibres for a lightweight and breathable fit
    • Contoured support with Memory Foam Insole
    • Hyperboost EVA compound for cushioning
    • TPR outsole for superior grip on various surfaces
    • Colour options that are appealing to fashion fiesta customers

    All trend breakers, give us a virtual high five, and welcome the super breathable Legend-02 shoe! If you’re someone who is on a quest to get the newer, better, fashion-centric shoe with power-packed performance to set the trend in your circle, then you can get your hands on the most droolworthy Legend-02 shoe now! The Waveflow midsole in this shoe delivers the energy return to the wearer that ultimately doesn’t let the runner feel the fatigue. So, guess what! Yes, you can run more without getting tired! Isn’t it amazing to feel invincible wearing them!

    Asian Airweave-01 for the trend-hoppers

    Asian Airweave-01 Shoes for men

    The exceptional and unique engineering of Airweave-01 aims to deliver exceptionally good results. The powerful midsole helps the wearer take better strides with smooth shock absorption. Now, you can bounce without boundaries; Airweave-01 features many independent small air pockets, and the resilience is 20% higher than that of ordinary MD Hardness below 50 degrees to improve comfort.

    Memory foam therapy insoles are the most upgraded technology in insole technology; they are super cushiony, comfy from heel to toe, and now offer improved comfort.

    Friends, this shoe of ours is unique as it offers stellar comfort along with performance that is top-notch at every level. You must not think twice before adding it to your cart!

    What’s worth talking:

    • Airweave Technology for Ultra Performance
    • Lightweight sole & extra bounce
    • Improved shock-absorption
    • Highly breathable dynamic fit Airweave upper for amazing air circulation
    • Memory Foam technology for supreme comfort
    • 3 hot colour options for fashion-conscious consumers

    So, at last, you’ve decided to hop and rock wearing our finest Airweave 01 shoe. Airweave-01 can fuel and enhance your ride with its smart design, perfect fit, long durability, and so on. Airweave Technology improves comfort and turns a bumpy ride into a joyful one.

    The core feature of this shoe is the combination of Max performance and ultra-light weight distribution. Stepping into these, you will always be in exceptional comfort,  so get ready to begin your ride with us.

    Do we still need to convince you? Make your pick now and grab the best breathable Asian shoe to shine in this summer season.

    Happy ride, till the next time.