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    Top 5 Trendy Footwear Styles You Need in Your Closet This Summer

    Shoes are an essential part of any outfit, and keeping up with the latest trends can be overwhelming. Don't worry, we've got you covered! In this blog post, we'll be sharing the top 5 trendy shoes that you need in your closet this season. Trendy shoes are not easy to define, as fashion is a changeable phenomenon.

    Since we have been your well-wishers for quite some time, it’s time we put you out of your misery here too. Here is a list of the most trendy shoes by Asian Footwears especially made for you. Well, why especially for you? Hold your horses for now, you’ll get your answer if you read on till the end.  😉 

    Airweave-01: A blend of style & tech

    These shoes have been crafted with utmost perfection using a precise blend of over 10,000+ threads. We were really excited about this shoe, as it is unique in every sense. When we finished and got the final product, we were mesmerised by its beauty and first look. It was attractive, unique, new, and the first of its kind.

    Asian Airweave-01 Shoe for men

    The Airweave-01 is not limited to the visual appeal, but functions really well with a super breathable upper, memory foam therapy insole, and lots of features delivering comfort and grip for your adventurous rides.

    Carnival-02: Stay bold in Asian street style

    The attractive design of these sneakers is what will keep you spellbound. Yes, we at Asian Footwears love to set the trend with our novel styles so that our dear AsianRiders can show the magic in every move.

    Asian Carnival-02 Shoes for men

    Guys, these cool sneakers will make you look bold, and you will never lose your cool wearing these Carnival-02 sneakers, so be ready to wear what can’t be ignored.

    They are also known as high-top sneakers and chunky sneakers. They have been a trendy shoe for quite some time. They're comfortable, versatile, and add a cool retro touch to any outfit. Pair them with your favourite jeans and a graphic tee for a casual look, or dress them up with trousers and a blazer.

    Trendy-21 Sneakers: Women who love to be on top

    Only a true fashionista knows the importance of a good pair of shoes, as they can set the vibe right and send you on a ride to the cloud nine.

    Asian Trendy-21 Color Changing Shoes for women

    Get ready to meet the one true original colour-changing shoe, which is outstanding in every sense of the word. It is time to upgrade your style game with these lovely Trendy-21 sneakers.

    Thunder-01: Get ready sneakerheads

    After the success of Trendy-21 sneakers for women, we launched colour-changing sneakers for men, and guess what? As soon as we launched them, we were out of stock, and our Asianfans showered immense love on these sneakers. Now, it is trending and has become one of the bestsellers.

    Asian Thunder-01 Color changing shoe for men

    Thunder-01 sneakers showcase the feature of colour change as soon as the wearer steps outside into the sunlight. They enhance your look with any outfit. Make them yours now, and up your style game with us.

    Slider-25: Get set, ready to set the trend

    Asian Footwears has now brought you magic sliders to make your summer full of joy! Yes, we have introduced India’s first colour-changing sliders, and now your trend game has extended from sneakers to sliders.

    Asian Slider-25 for men

    Slider-25 features pure comfort with Max cushion technology and a soft, flexible sole. It has an ultra-light and comfortable footbed. The anti-slip outsole delivers good support and makes your ride smooth. Grab these sliders for this summer season.

    Oh, yes! We almost forgot that you must be waiting on that answer, aren’t you?

    Well, we made this list especially for you because YOU are so special to us. After all, you’re our family—FAM and the tribe of AsianRiders—and you must be aware that there’s no greater thing than family.

    So, see you around. For now, make your bold moves wherever you go with Asian Footwears.