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    Tips to prevent Runner’s Knee

    You must be wondering that what is Runner’s Knee? It is a very common running-related knee injury that mainly occurs due to the weakness of the core and hips, also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome. It can also occur due to the pain caused at the front of the knee. First time runners should be aware and take adequate measures so they can prevent runner’s knee.


    Reasons for Runner’s Knee

    First of all, we need to understand that there are various factors that play a role in the cause of a runner’s knee injury or pain, and those include:


    Apart from this, there can be other reasons for runner’s knee pain, such as a direct fall on the knee or the overuse of exercise (like if you repeatedly perform high-stress knee exercises), that can also cause this terrible pain to you.


    How can you prevent it? It’s easy-peasy only if you pay attention!

    In our hectic lifestyle, we are too much occupied; however, to stay healthy, we must perform some physical exercise, and in order to avoid unnecessary injury we must use good running shoes. A good running shoe includes features like comfort-level, lightweight, durability and its construction with top-notch quality.


    Innova 15 to your rescue!

    Yes, the Innova 15 by Asian has been engineered with advanced technology called Max Cushion to deliver superior comfort to you. The insole of the shoe uses technology called Memory Foam, which provides you with extra ease while running or walking. It is a perfect combination of technology and comfort. Don’t hold yourself back and add this amazing Innova 15 to your cart now!


    Molecule 01 to transform you into a Pro-Runner

    Offering the remarkable Molecule Tech, in the Molecule 01 shoe Asian has produced a very advanced shoe for runners. Molecule 01 lets you flow on the surface as it has the premium phylon sole, which is the most superior sole; it delivers good flexibility and an excellent shock absorption performance. While running, this shoe supports your arches and gives impeccable lateral support.