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    Tips to extend the life of your white sneakers

    Hello Sneakersheads, We all love white sneakers but are hesitant to buy them due to the difficulty of maintaining them, right? To add to our pain, we throw them mercilessly as soon as we step inside our house.


    Okay, we know you guys are snooping around to know how you can rescue your white sneakers from damage, but let us ask you some questions before we begin.


    Do you have a pair of white sneakers, and are you wearing them right now?
    Or are they lying somewhere in the corner, with dirt? 

    If you nodded at least to one of them, then welcome to the tribe, friend. Like you, we also adore our white sneakers, and seeing them perish away breaks our heart! 

    But white sneakers are white sneakers (duh), and they are prone to getting messy, right? Don’t worry, our dear AsianRider (because, see heaven’s got a plan for you). We have compiled a worthwhile list of tips and hacks that can boost the life of your white sneakers.


    Prepare a Cleaning Solution

    Prepare a detergent cleaning solution; hold your horses till you see those bubbles flying out of the cleaning solution. Yes, now just apply and gently use the shoe brush to clean your sneakers. Don’t worry if you don’t have the shoe brush; a toothbrush will work fine too. Make sure you are not applying much pressure while cleaning.


    Using vinegar to remove rigid stains

    If the stain persists even after you've washed your sneakers with a cleaning solution, apply vinegar to a soft cotton ball and rub it in.

    Hand wash only 

    Not every washing machine is shoe-friendly, and it depends on the material; if your shoes include leather material, you must keep them away. To be safe, simply use the hand washing technique and keep shining. 

    Your shoes' moustache

    Yes, you read it right. Your moustache is the glory of your face, and similarly, your shoelaces are like a moustache for your shoes, and they are the cherry on top for your white sneakers. Relax, we won't let your shoelaces get dirty. Soak your shoelaces in the cleaning solution for about 15 minutes. Gently rub the shoelaces and let them air dry.

    Kudos to you for keep shining with us! We will always help you out and make your rides smoother. So yes, amigos. Let’s make sure that we aren’t careless when it comes to our dear sneakers.

    And yes, for you guys who’ve completely destroyed your white sneakers, here you can pick the best white sneakers.