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    Thunder-01: Magical experience with magic shoe

    Asian Thunder-01

    Imagine a shoe that can change its colour as you step outside of your office, and your pals start asking you about it. Hey, were you not wearing the white sneakers a minute ago? And you begin to give that wicked smile… hahah! 

    Yes, we know you love to set the trend that can’t be ignored. Therefore, we love to craft the most unique and elegant shoes for you so that they can take your style game to the next level.

    Alright, so what’s the hype about this shoe? Let’s get straight into the features of this most droolworthy sneaker…

    Burst with style, burst with magic!


    So, what’s the deal with the Thunder-01 sneakers? The highlight of this shoe is the colour-changing feature. Yes, guys, our newly launched Thunder-01 enhances your sneaker-wearing experience, taking it to new heights.

    Only a true sneaker lover knows the importance of good sneakers. After all, the sneakers have the power to impress your lady love. Today, "magic shoe" is not just a keyword; it is an experience that our millennial Riders want to feel.

    Find your Sole-Mate with Thunder-01

    Every shoe has a sole; what’s so different about Thunder-01? Thunder-01 has a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) sole and offers durability, anti-slip, and water resistance features.

    • The PVC sole equipped in the Thunder-01 shoe is highly durable and can withstand heavy usage on rough terrain.
    • Thunder-01 sole is slip-resistant, provides good traction and grip, keeps your feet steady, and eventually helps to prevent slips and falls. It is lightweight and easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

    Bring on the colourful twist with Thunder-01 😍

    Asian Thunder-01 Color Changing Shoe

    The synthetic upper designed with the latest technology in Thunder-01 flaunts the magic of yellow, pink, and blue colour. It takes your sneaker experience to the next level. Amigos, in this shoe, you can show off your best self and experience the magic with every step.

    Overall, the Thunder-01 upper features a good quality synthetic material with utter durability, it is water-resistant, flexible, lightweight, and easy to clean.

    Cool comfort with extra cushion technology

    Guys, Thunder-01 uses advanced cushioning so that your feet can dive deep into absolute comfort. It features the Asian casuals insole technology that delivers the cuddy comfort, supports your feet well, provides soft landings, and gives a seamless easy-on, easy-off experience for making quick moves.

    What are you waiting for? Pick your magical shoe now and begin your ride with Asian Footwears.