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    Supefly-06 Right Sneakers for Women

    What more can you ask for when you have Superfly-06 by your side? A shoe for our AsianRiders that never disappoints; it is stylish, splendid, super-fast, and what not. From your morning runs to matching them with your stylish outfits, you have got it all.

    Push your limit and set new goals and chase your dreams like never before!

    Let’s dive deep and see what this women shoes have to offer you!

    Spellbound Style Sport Shoes for Women

    Feature of Asian Superfly-06 Running Shoes for women

    This running shoe for women is essential to have in every woman’s collection. The mere appearance of this sports shoe for women is eye-pleasing. It has those knit pattern designs on the aesthetically charming upper. The side sole design looks stunning too, with the cris cross pattern. It is no behind when it comes to fuel your ride featuring energy return tech this running gear will not let you down.

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    Soleflex Tech & Soft Cushioning System 

    Feature of Asian Superfly-06 Running Shoes for women

    Now, it’s time to talk about some tech—Soleflex technology. You don’t need to wear those heavy shoes anymore. The Superfly-06 is comfortable to the core; the soleflex technology enables you to enjoy your rides as if you were walking in clouds.

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    Comfort for Miles

    Feature of Asian Superfly-06 Running Shoes for women

    Breathability at its best can be found in the Superfly-06; the new jacquard upper is 40% more breathable than the traditional uppers. It keeps on that smooth airflow and maintains the temperature to let you achieve miles after miles.

    It doesn’t stop there, Superfly-06 women's running shoe will give you the experience of effortless walking, running, jogging, and more. This Asian women's shoe is powered by our finest memory foam insoles. It will keep you ahead with the proper arch support and let you experience the distance of miles in complete comfort.

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    Lightweight Shoe Perfect for Travelling

    Feature of Asian Superfly-06 Running Shoes for women

    The Superfly-06 by Asian Footwears is a feather-light delight for your feet. Just imagine your beautiful explorations wearing our super stylish and light-weight Superfly-06 shoe.

    These light-weight shoes have been crafted with a special focus on their mobility. These stunning shoes just weigh 300 grams! It offers a barely-there feel, allowing you to move without effort throughout your day.

    No more heavy shoes, girls; just spread your wings with our Superfly series. Say ciao to a delightful lightness that keeps you agile and free-spirited with every step you take.

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    Superfly 06: Best Sneakers for Girls

    These sneakers by Asian Footwears are the ideal shoes for women! With their sleek design, steady grip, lightweight feel, and soleflex bounce, they become your fav companion. These trendy sneakers for women are no exception when it comes to comfort.

    We know now that we have made you simply splendid by its features that can’t be ignored. So why await? Grab your coolest Superfly-06 today and step outside like never before.

    Feature of Asian Superfly-06 Running Shoes for women

    3 Colour Options

    Feature of Asian Superfly-06 running shoes for women

    The Superfly-06 by Asian shoes is a style-centric shoe that effortlessly combines chic design with supreme comfort. Available in three appealing colors—Black, Aqua, and White Pink—each colour displays its own personality.

    The Black variant, timeless and sophisticated, complements any outfit, adding a touch of pure style. The Aqua shade helps set the vibe right. Meanwhile, the White Pink colour shows a graceful and feminine aura, offering a versatile option that seamlessly matches various styles. Whatever your mood or event, the Superfly-06 offers the colour options that make sure you flaunt your bold style.

    So, ladies and girls, if you're prepared to upgrade your style game while keeping your feet happy and stylish, the Superfly-06 is the right shoe for you. With its appealing and sporty design, Soleflex technology, lightweight feel, memory foam comfort, and a combination of three fabulous colours to choose from, it has become easier to take your fashion to new heights.