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    Sports Shoes vs Walking Shoes. Which one fits you better?

    Sports shoes are one of the most common types of footwear; you need them whether you go for a casual walk, trek a mountain, hit the gym, or go for a run. In our day-to-day tasks, they are your crucial partner; therefore, it is essential that we wear good shoes to stay in shape.


    Run hard, live cool with Asian

    There are endless benefits associated with running; it is a powerful exercise that helps your whole being; for instance, it helps you reduce your anxiety and stress, and of course there are other major physical and mental benefits associated with running.

    During running, your whole body gets involved in the act, and especially your feet demand good support. Therefore, it is necessary to wear the most comfortable shoe for your feet to make the process easier and avoid any kind of accidental injury.


    Is there anything like a perfect running shoe?

    A good sports running shoe includes three essential features; comfort, quality, and durability. Comfort can be identified by the level of softness given in the shoe, and that comes from the material used in the shoe. Asian shoes use Memory foam, which delivers extra comfort to your feet. It also includes a 3D knitted breathable upper in the shoe, which reduces the level of sweat during your heavy workout sessions.


    Explore our astounding list of sports running shoes especially made for you!

    For Men

    • Chrome 02
    • Coolfoam 01
    • Rider 01
    • Nitrogen 01
    • Oxygen 05


    For Women

    • Trend 02
    • Stanza 07
    • FireFly 07
    • Mercury 02
    • SuperFly 05


    Get joy in every step with Asian Walking Shoes 


    Walking shoes have low impact, which doesn’t really stress your joints much, so you walk without much pressure. Walking has its own amazing benefits; you can walk anytime of the day you want without putting in extreme efforts such as going to the gym or doing a hard cardio session. Walking shoes provide good arch support and stability, so it is important to choose the right shoe for the right activity. Let’s not perplex you; just explore this list and grab your favourite walking shoe:


    For Men

    • Superwalk 08
    • Superwalk 11
    • Hattrick 31
    • Galaxy 12
    • EasyWalk 21 


    For Women

    • FireFly 03
    • SuperFly 02
    • Mercury 03
    • Elasto 02
    • Sunshine 01


    Choosing appropriate shoes according to your goal is the key to being a good runner or walker. Running shoes have a phylon sole, and walking shoes have an Eva sole. Both play different roles depending on the nature of the activity. Phylon soles deliver excellent flexibility and good shock absorption performance, so they are perfect for running. On the contrary, walking shoes use the Eva (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) sole, which is as light as a feather and gives the utmost comfort due to the softness of the rubberized sole. It also delivers bounce and jump.


    We know you've already made your pick, therefore we are proud of you our dearest AsianRiders. Happy ride, till the next time.