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    Sports Running Shoe Guide: Finding the Ultimate Running Shoe For You

    5 things to consider before buying a running shoe!

    Finding the right running shoe among all the options on the market can be tricky, right? Well, not when you know exactly what you need! Get the best running shoe according to your needs by keeping these 5 things in check.

    For the ones who live to run and keep themselves fit, finding the right shoe is as important as finding the right partner.

    For us fitness freaks, the process of picking the right shoe has never been a cakewalkWe want the best sole, upper, fit, grip, and, of course, the other necessary features. Worry not, let’s make things easier and take your shoe game to the next level 🔥

    5 Point Checklist for Buying a Perfect Shoe

    Muddle-headed and perplexed about where to get started and what to look for in your new shoe? Worry not! Here is the most basic 5-point checklist that can help you grab your fav kicks:

    • Sole quality: The sole quality of a shoe is one of the most basic yet significant factors to consider when purchasing one. Look for a shoe that has a powerful sole, is constructed from the finest EVA material, and also uses TPR (thermoplastic rubber) material. TPR features better traction, impressive support, soft landings, good shock absorption, and so forth.
    • Upper: Guys, there are various types of uppers in shoes; however, it can be quite confusing to know which one to get for running. So, guys, Asian shoes use breathable upper constructed from 3D knitting technology that ultimately delivers better air circulation and reduces the amount of sweat. Breathable uppers are also lightweight, which means you can run with good ease and speed. 
    • Grip: Folks, the grip in a running shoe is as important as the brakes in a vehicle. A good grip helps you maintain your balance, prevents you from falling, and gives you soft landings. The lugs in Asian shoes are constructed with the consideration of handling almost all kinds of terrain and delivering stability and firm support. The powerful grip of Asian shoes can hold you seamlessly on any kind of terrain.
    • Insole: Asian shoes use Memory Foam insole technology, which helps deliver maximum ease so that you can run and jog without feeling fatigue in your feet. Now, with innovation, Asian Footwears has launched the new and upgraded super-breathable upper Memory Foam therapy tech. It has increased the comfort level by 30%; more comfort means more joy.
    • Midsole: A shoe's midsole is an essential part, and Asian Footwears uses  rubberized, light-weight EVA boost sole to provide extra bounce and jump. Midsoles in Asian shoes have good elasticity and shock absorption performance, which also helps deliver comfort along with high-end performance. So, what's the delay? Grab your Asian shoe now...


    Wrap up: Folks, Asian Footwears is known to bring the best and most trendy products to the market. We love to innovate and take your shoe game to the next level. Keep slaying with us and ride like never before.

    Live bold and find your rhythm with Asian Footwears 😎