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    Meet the New MetaCushion-01

    Asian Metacushion-01 Shoe
    Shhhh… MetaCushion-01 has landed!

    It’s time to take your fashion fiesta to the next level, as the MetaCushion-01 has arrived! Yes, you must be wondering why there’s so much hype about this shoe. This is what happens when tech meets style.

    Guys, it is indeed a trendsetter on the market. There is no other shoe like Meta Cushion; yes, you heard it right, and there are obvious reasons for it. 

    From the heel to toe and upper to sole this shoe is power packed with performance. A beast that can let you win against all odds!

    Why Asian Footwears brought this shoe to the market? We felt the need for a shoe that should be the lightest (weighing only 510g), quickest, comfy to the core, and supportive till the end.

    So, we would like you to come on board with us to feel the power of Meta Tech—a shoe that is new in the real sense. Let’s begin the adventure!

    Featuring the translucent Air cavity cushion placed inside the sole for 70% more comfort other than any shoe.


    Folks, the trendy design combined with Metacushion technology creates an attractive modern aesthetic design that is both appealing and supportive.

    Guys, the game-changing highlight of this shoe is its sole, which consists of 4 parts.

    • The exclusive TPJ Meta-Cushion Technology offers a see-through air cavity that enables the runner to run with maximum comfort at pressure points. It increases and enhances your running experience. Amigos, you can completely trust them to be your fitness companion, as they will bring you the comfort of miles. We know you’re excited to soak your feet in absolute comfort.

    • The new Memory foam therapy used in the insole of this shoe is exceptionally comfortable. Constructed to cover the whole foot, this new insole is three times cushiony to deliver stellar comfort. Guys, this Memory foam has been designed for a feel-good cushioning experience to bring the magic to your feet.

    • EVA Compound based Mid-Sole of this shoe is ultra-light and brings out the absolute bounce, jump and an excellent shock-absorption. It can handle your day-to-day tasks very easily, whether you jump, roll, or glide. Buckle up to be light on your feet with these advanced shoes.

    • TPR Out-Sole in Meta Cushion is meant for solid support for your workout and running sessions. The unmatchable anti-skid grip of this shoe won’t let you down even on the toughest treks. Feel the awesome responsiveness and get a steady grip on life.

    Meta cushion is a complete shoe; with the infusion of most superior material to deliver the premium experience. The super-soft new Memory foam in tune with therapy technology will give you cloud-like comfort, and you will be on a ride to cloud nine.

    Folks, the Jacquard fabric upper of MetaCushion-01 shoe has been engineered with the finest threads. The breathable Air Mesh Jacquard upper is super breathable and provides two times better air circulation. This feature of breathability enables you to perform better with maximum comfort during your workouts.

    It is available in three unique and exciting colours: Light Grey, White Navy and Navy Slate.

    If you have come this far, we are sure you have already added it to your cart. Go and hit the buy button now!

    Happy riding, and stay trendy with Asian Footwears.