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    How to Pick the Right Running Shoe

    How do we choose an ideal shoe when there are an endless number of shoes on the market? Making this decision can be really complicated if there is a lack of knowledge on the part of the buyer, so it is crucial to acquire certain general points whenever you hit the store to grab the right running shoe.

    Let’s try to pick up a few points to enlighten ourselves about the shoe making process.

    Let’s know how many parts a shoe consists of, how it is constructed, and what are the essential elements that a good running shoe must include. The first general and significant point of a good shoe is its material; secondly, the technology deployed in the shoe.

    Sole is the soul of shoe

    The material of the shoe includes the Sole, Outsole, and Insole. Firstly, the sole’s quality defines the whole structure of the shoe; it is like the heart and soul of the shoe. The sole’s strength and durability set the performance of the shoe. If the sole’s strength is good, then the lifespan of the shoe will be good and it will be long-lasting.

    There are different soles available on the market. But how do you pick the best one?

    Know the difference! The best available sole on the market is the Phylon sole, and below that is the Eva sole.

    Let’s compare the two to identify the difference.

    At the level of good shock absorption durability, the Phylon proves to be unsurpassed. Asian footwear uses the Phylon sole, which is light as a feather and delivers superior comfort to your feet with a flawless grip.

    What is the upper in a shoe?

    For the task of running, Asian shoes prove to be excellent for endless reasons, such as the new breathable knitted upper constructed from the finest threads, advanced technology, and premium machinery.

    The breathable knitted upper reduces sweat at the time of running and delivers oxygen through the tiny pores, so they are more preferable for running purpose. Knitted upper is compatible to be worn in any season; be it summer, winter, or spring.


    When we talk about the comfort in the shoe, then the most significant part is insole because our feet rest in that place. The insole should be designed superiorly so the consumer can get the maximum comfort while performing any laborious task such as running, gyming, jogging, and so forth.

    Asian Footwear uses an advanced Memory foam insole in their running shoes, which is constructed with the help of modern technology. It provides extra comfort and easiness while the placement of the feet due to the extra cushioning given in the shoe.


    The outer and surface part of the shoe describe the grip of the shoe and plays a major role to determine comfort level while walking, running or trekking. Asian Footwears uses anti-skid technology in their outsoles, which smoothly delivers an impeccable grip to the user and gives the best experience.

    Bonus features in Asian Shoes

    Asian shoes provide the collar foam, which proves to be ultimately soft. The ankle support component in the shoe defines the level of comfort and perfect fit. Soft reflexive laces are easy to tie, and soft tongue enhances the overall shoe experience. 


    These factors are indeed necessary while you are picking your perfect pair of running shoes. For an ordinary consumer, it is challenging to gather this kind of significant information in a succinct way. Therefore we always help our Asianlovers to take the right decision.

    Stay trendy, run hard, be an AsianRider.😎