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    Guide to What Makes A Good Running Shoe

    Dude, a running shoe that is perfect… What does it mean? Perhaps it means that it is finally a shoe that draws attention. With plethora of options out there, it is a herculean task to get a good running shoe.

    Some brands claim that they have the best sole equipped in their shoe for excellent grip; some promise to deliver the best comfort; some promise a zillion things in a single shoe, and you end up with a torn upper in your shoe after a month or so. Others brag about the style with those same old boring styles duh.


    But then something ‘real’ lands with some real features; yes, no goofing around with you guys.


    Flagging off the Asian Chrome -02

    Yes, Asian Footwears’ latest slayer, the Chrome-02, is trending top on the market and just mesmerizing everyone. We’ve heard rumours that it is going to be our best seller. After winning the marathon with Chrome-02 one folk suggested that we rebrand ourselves as Asian-Marathonwinner. Haha…

    Engineered to let you achieve your fitness goals and level up your game, Chrome-02 shows every aspect of Asian Footwears’ design philosophy to keep moving forward in leaps and bounds.


    Let’s take a sneak peek into the soul and insole of Chrome-02, Shall we?

    • Our uniquely designed Memory Foam will impress you with each step. 
    • Appealing and attractive transparent sole with the use of finest phylon sole; flexible and ultra-smooth to let you move in a blink. Chrome-02 will let you run like wind.
    • Breathable upper; yes you heard it right a 3D knitted breathable upper which reduces the sweat from your feet during your run, and this smooth fabric makes your every bumpy ride into an enjoying experience.
    • Asian Chrome-02 is a complete running shoe; at the performance level in running due to the light-weight which minimizes the excessive muscle activity and enhances your ride.


    The most advanced grip of Chrome-02 will easily let you trek any mountain, and the ergonomic design will deliver the most perfect fit with maximum comfort. This shoe is made for runners and turns them into pro-runners. Offering endless features, the Chrome-02 has marked its territory. 


    Keep running and keep chasing the dreams with Asian shoes.