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    From Beach to Bar: Asian Joyo Sandals

    Hey Riders, did you know men have been wearing sandals for thousands of years, with evidence of early versions dating back to ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome! So, sandals are not really a new phenomenon.

    Men's sandals have been around for centuries and are a popular footwear choice for warm weather and casual occasions. Whether you're headed to the beach, just running errands, or having your smoothie in a bar sandals can offer both comfort and style.

    The word "sandal" comes from the Greek word "sandalon," which means "a flat-soled shoe." Well, enough with the genealogy; let’s get straight into the 21st century sandals of Asian Footwears.

    All-New Joyo Series to Make You Joyful

    The Joyo series is a new arrival in the sandal collection for men from Asian Footwears. You must be wondering what it offers. How does it bring novelty to the sandals? What distinguishes it from other sandals? Hold your horses, friends; we will answer all of your queries...

    Asian Joyo-01: Step into summer with comfort

    Asian Joyo-01 Sandal for men

    Introducing beads technology for the first time in a sandal Yes, the Joyo-01 sandals feature beads technology for the first time in a sandal. Well, what’s the hype about this technology? It is an innovative blend of craftsmanship and comfort. Whenever you take a stride, you can feel the ease from the heel to the toe. The soft, cushiony beads let your feet float like never before.

    It keeps your feet free for all-day comfort! It is ultra-light in weight, features a soft cushioning system, and you experience cloud-like comfort with each step. What more do you ask?

    Get them in three unique and stunning colours.

    Joyo-03: Get ready for adventure; stay cool, stay trendy

    Asian Joyo-03 Sandal for men

    What more do you need when you have a steady grip with the best phylon sole in your favourite Joyo-03 sandals? The ergonomic design uses soft straps for a perfect fit and a soft footbed so that you can feel the maximum comfort and enjoy your ride. Joyo-03 is one of our lightest sandals in the series, as it weighs only 177 grams, yup as light as a feather.

    The stylish TPE material used at the outer or rear layer of this sandal is ultra-cool and enhances the look of your sandals.

    Add them to your cart! Available in three different and attractive colours.

    Joyo-04: The streets are calling; move bold and walk light

    Asian Joyo-04 Sandal for men

    In tune with FiberTech, these sandals offer you stellar comfort. You can walk, run, or fly each time you step into these light-weight and flexible Joyo-04 sandals. It features a cushiony and rubberized sole that doesn’t let your feet feel fatigue. The sturdy straps provide the perfect fit for your feet.

    Our AsianRiders can now enjoy their summer rides, and the newly launched Joyo sandals will make everything more joyful for you. Delay not; make them yours now!

    Till next time, keep your feet joyful with Asian Joyo sandals 😉