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    Decoding the Art of Styling with Super Stunning Asian Shoes

    What’s life if you don’t style with Asian shoes? No, we are not preaching and trying to be dictators. We just speak facts with fun. Our task is to take you on limitless rides, right, our fabulous AsianRiders?

    Well, riders, we can’t see your feet sad. Therefore let us present you the snappiest shoes ever by Asian Footwears.

    Crush your worries with ASIAN's SUPERWALK-08

    Man is weaking Superwalk-08

    There won’t be anyone out there in the world who wouldn’t want to feel the art of comfort. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to tie the laces and prefers easy-to-wear shoes, then welcome to the tribe, friend. Buckle up to take a superwalk with our bestseller, the SUPERWALK-08 Men's Sports Walking Shoes.

    Asian Superwalk-08

    Features in SUPERWALK-08 Men Sports Walking Shoes

    • Let you float free with 3D knitted upper
    • Ultra-modern design, 3 different colours 
    • Nitro Capsule Technology which comes with rubberized Eva sole delivers the high bounce back. It also offers the vacuum cushioning in the heel area
    • Memory foam technology to deliver the maximum ease


    Take a sneak peek into droolworthy CHROME-02 to keep your fitness goal on priority

    Man has worn Asian's Chrome-02

    Yes, Asian's exuberant series of Chrome shoes is exceptional in every way. The outstanding build quality of Chrome-02 will give you the comfort that will set you apart. The ultra-lightweight fit will make your run smooth and agile. To put a cherry on top, the ergonomic design of Chrome-02 delivers the perfect fit.


    Asian Chrome-02 shoe

    Super heavy on features and performance; CHROME-02

    • Sole is the soul of Chrome-02; meaning that the transparent phylon sole employed in it is top notch at every level. From comfort to style and flexibility to durability, it shines on all levels. 
    • It is compatible to wear on all occasions and matches with all of your OOTDs (Outfit of the day). 
    • Style, light-weight, impeccable grip, and the finest material used in the breathable upper delivers you the finest shoe. 
    • It comes in 4 different colours, and you can’t resist yourself from hitting the buy button. So, add it to your cart now!


    ASIAN's FIREFLY-05 to take you in the seventh heaven

    Firefly-05 has been engineered to give you extra bounce and jump. This shoe's high-end midsole is made of a light weight rubberized EVA that has a high efficiency of increased energy return, resulting in better shock absorption. 

    Asian Firefly-05 Shoe for Women

     Unmatched features of FIREFLY-05 Shoe

    • Hey, ProRider! It is time to fly high and find your greatness with ultimate Firefly-05
    • Walk confidently when you get the best comfort from Memory Foam insole in your favourite Firefly-05 shoe
    • Experience the smoothest ride with ultra-light Soleflex tech
    • Firefly-05 is compatible for running, walking, and styling up with all of your outfits
    • Explore the Firefly series now and grab your favourite sneakers


    Set the vibe right with MERCURY-01

    Woman has worn Asian's Mercury-01 shoe

    Have you heard the idiom "to walk on air"? That’s exactly what it feels like to wear the Mercury-01 shoe. Forget those slippery shoes; now this shoe will let you take long runs and jogs with utmost comfort.

    It will let you float freely, and these walking shoes are the perfect partner for your daily chores. Trendy in style with a smart 3D breathable upper. With Asian’s Max Cushion technology, you’ll get an amazing running experience like never before.

    Asian's Mercury-01 shoe for woman

    Features in MERCURY-01 Women Shoe

    • Flexible construction for better running
    • Grip so tight that won't let you fall
    • Comfort to the core with Memory Foam tech
    • Breathable upper for better air circulation
    • Washable fabric, and easy to care and maintain

    Amigos, we are sure you’ve already made your pick. Excited to wear them? Check out all these awesome shoes and seize the day.

    Until next time, Ride hard.