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    Carnival-02: High Top Casual Chunky Sneakers

    Sneakers are a real game changer; comfort meets style. Yes, what more do you seek when you get the combo of both comfort and style in a single shoe? Now, Asian Footwears has introduced a shoe that will define your style.

    Asian Carnival-02 Sneaker

    Featuring the high-top chunky sneakers CARNIVAL-02, we have introduced a shoe that can take you on a ride of ultimate comfort and joy.

    For a sneakerhead like you, this sneaker is perfect in every sense. Bringing the comfort from the heel to the toe, the appealing design of these sneakers will not let you down. Let’s not perplex you more and take a sneak peek at the most droolworthy sneakers.

    Keep levelling up your style

    Asian Carnival-02 Sneaker

    The appealing design of Carnival-02 is what will keep you spellbound. Yes, we at Asian Footwears love to set the trend with our updated designs so that our dear AsianRiders can flaunt the magic in every move.

    Guys, these cool sneakers will make you look bold, and you will never lose your cool wearing these Carnival-02 sneakers, so be ready to wear what can’t be ignored.

    Your Carnival-02 sneakers can be matched with all of your outfits, and wearing them, you will shine and rise like never before.

    More features mean more comfort

    What is the existence of a shoe if it can’t give you comfort? After all, it’s the ease and speed that matter the most. Featuring the ultimate Memory Foam technology, this shoe takes you on a ride to the seventh heaven.

    Carnival-02 offers endless awesome features like reflexive laces, an advanced collar structure, a pressure-free tongue, good elasticity, and so on.

    Beat, hop, dance, or spin and find your rhythm with CARNIVAL-02


    Are you ready to burn up the dance floor while flaunting your moves in ultra-smooth Asian sneakers? Comfortable, reliable and sustainable all-in-one in Carnival-02 will let you set the fire on the dance floor.

    Carnival-02's eye-catching design is enhanced by its high neck construction. These fashion-forward sneakers are easy to match with any of your outfits, great for work, parties, or walking, and suitable for wearing all year around.

    Designing and durability of CARNIVAL-02

    The TPR outsole is designed to provide superior durability on various surfaces, ensuring that you remain steady on your feet no matter where your journey takes you. It can hold you on all terrains. The Carnival-02's TPR sole also aids in providing exceptional grip with the use of lugs.

    The upper of this shoe has been constructed from a high-end synthetic material. The synthetic material keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

    Get a steady fit and grip!

    Asian Carnival-02 Sneaker

    The anti-slip and chunky rubber outsole design provide an excellent anti-slip feature; it also makes the shoe more comfortable and stable.

    The Carnival-02 has been engineered to deliver the perfect fit, and that is one of the main highlights of this shoe, as it offers the high neck fit feature that protects your feet and holds them quite seamlessly. From the upper to the sole, we designed our shoe to provide you with miles of comfort on all of your bumpy rides.

    Are you ready to slay with us? Come and step out in next-level style and comfort with a colourful twist. Pick your Carnival-02 from 3 different colour combinations now!