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    Bring on the Magic with Colour changing sneakers under 1000

    Magic sneakers? Isn’t it unbelievable and fascinating at the same time to talk about a shoe that brings magic to your feet? But how? Well, to know that, you have to come with us on a journey of cool and creative invention and the birth of the colour-changing shoe.

    So, are you ready to listen to our tale!

    All of this magic happens at our manufacturing units, but the roots go deep down to our labs, where our footwear designers constantly work to bring the best and most novel products to you. And the blend of colours and chemistry brings a colourful twist for our Asianstars.

    What’s the hype about this new and unique shoe!

    What makes it different and sets it apart from other shoes?

    So let’s move the story along. After the launch of Trendy 21 sneakers, we were sure about its success; however, we did not expect it to go viral like crazy in such a short time. Yes, guys, just after the launch of this shoe, it was all over the social media; some of the viral videos got over 1.5 million views and were trending on top. In the first week of its launch, we sold over 70,000 pairs… Yup, a proud moment for us 😎. Now, the whole magic series has become our top seller.

    How does magic really happen?

    As we launched our magic shoe series with Trendy 21 sneakers for women, it went viral, and our Asianfans were happy and amazed to see these stunning sneakers. They actually changed colour when they came in contact with UV sunrays in the outdoors. Colour-changing technology works smoothly in the sunlight as you step outside your home or workplace.

    Your friends are surprised to see your shoes changing colours and ask, "Were you not wearing white sneakers a moment ago?" Haha! We know you love to flaunt magic and set the trend among your friends.

    Magic in every step!

    Colour-changing technology in shoes is not limited to only women's sneakers; now it has arrived in the men's, women's, and kids categories too. The rise in demand for these sneakers motivated us to make every foot colourful and happy.

    • Thunder-01 colour-changing sneakers for men

     Asian Thunder-01 Color Changing shoe for men

    Guys, our shoe creates a rainbow-like experience for you, and delivers a cloud-like comfort wearing them as it has an extremely light weight sole and comfort from extra cushion. Therefore, these shoes become your first choice to match with your daily outfit. Grab a pair of Thunder-01 shoe, and elevate your style game now!

    • Trendy-21 colour-changing sneakers for Women

    Asian Trendy-21 Color Changing shoe for women

    How could we leave our little riders behind? We had to create something special for them too, and after we launched Trendy-21 for Kids, we got a crazy response, and the kids were flabbergasted and full of bliss with its arrival. What can be more joyful than spreading happiness? Our little riders can now move forward with utmost ease and speed all day long.

    • Jamsine-21 slip-ons for women

    Asian Jasmine-21 Color Changing Slip-on for women

    In these cool colour-changing slip-ons, you don’t really have to put much effort into wearing them as it is easy to take off and on. It features an anti-slip sole and the comfort of extra cushion tech. Be ready to make your bold moves in these next-level stylish slip-ons.

    • Slider-25 for men

    Asian Sliper-25 Sliders

    In the sultry weather of summer, do not compromise on style and keep your look elegant and bold with Slider-25 magic sliders. Yes, now we have colour-changing sliders too. Excited? Buckle up to look FAB on the go with them. Featuring ultra-smooth comfort with Max Cushion technology, that lets you move flawlessly all day long.