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    Best Walking Shoes Under 1000 to Buy This Summer

    Are you looking for the best shoes under 1,000? We have created a list of the best walking shoes under 1000 with extensive features that meet your needs. Order now!

    Best Walking Shoe Under 1000

    Hola amigos!

    We are here today to help you make the right decision for your precious feet. In today’s world, when the world is moving at a fast pace, it has become absolutely essential for you to track your steps too. Well, if you've got to run, you better do it the fitness way; running from your problems doesn’t count here.

    Walking shoes in this summer season are not just a requirement but a "must have" accessory, as they ease you and please you with utmost comfort. Well, it doesn’t matter how essential they are to have; they must not hurt your pocket. So, we have designed an exceptional list just for you that will help you find your favourite walking shoes under 1000. Walking shoes for men, walking shoes for women, the best walking shoes for all the lovely AsianRiders—we've got it all covered!

    Without further delay, let’s begin!

    Best Walking Shoe Under 1000!

    • Feel super light with Superwalk-07

    Powered with Nitro Capsule Technology, the Superwalk-07 shoe is an excellent walking shoe. It features the comfort of memory foam, and it is easy to wear as it features an elastic rib for easy wear. The light weight and anti-skid outsole include a steady grip that delivers impeccable support and stability. The breathable knitted upper not only provides you with breathability on the trail but also provides a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

    Asian Superwalk-07 Shoe for men

    Let’s have a closer look at your potential wrist partner:

    1. Nitro Capsule Technology for better bounce
    2. Steady grip with rubberized outsole
    3. pressure-free tongue
    4. Breathable upper for better air circulation


    • Walk light with Hattrick-28 

    Next in line is one of Asian’s most trusted and among the first walking shoes, the Hattrick-28. What makes Hattrick 28 special and unique? We would say that this walking shoe will make your walking easy and enhance your overall walking experience. But how will all this happen? Well, for that, you need to dive deep with us!

    Asian Hattrick-28 walking shoe for men

    Let’s dig deep to know these kicks!

    1. Comfort with memory foam
    2. Ultra-light weight
    3. Supportive grip for perfect strides
    4. Breathable upper construction
    • Be a Pro with Asian Wind Pro-03

    Guys, Wind Pro-03 is Asian’s certified comfortable walking shoe—and Wind Pro-03 will be there for you when you step out of your comfort zone as well. This is the best walking shoe if you want to burn those extra calories and slay at your fitness game. With the technology of Max Cushion used in the sole of this walking shoe, you get the best bounce and excellent shock absorption.

    Asian Wind pro-3 walking shoe for men

    What’s the hype here?

    1. Classic comfort with memory foam technology
    2. Breathable upper for better air circulation
    3. Flexible outsole for quick movements
    4. Stunning colour options
    • Ease your walk with Easywalk-21

    Easywalk-21 walking shoe is here to redefine your comfort! From the moment you step into these cool walking shoes, your feet feel like heaven. The cloud-like comfort is powered by ultimate cushion technology.

    Asian Easywalk-21 walking shoe for men

    Here is what is more fun about EasyWalk-21:

    1. Lightweight EVA sole
    2. Ultimate Cushion technology for extra bounce
    3. Memory foam for cool comfort
    4. Ergonomic design for a perfect fit

    Amigos, you can grab any of these shoes for your winter walks. If you’ve come so far then we must have entertained you with our most comfy walking shoes. So, now make your decision and treat yourself with the most comfy to the core walking shoes.