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    Best Shoes Under 1500 in 2024: Asian Footwears

    Looking to upgrade your lifestyle with shoes that make you stunning, comfortable, and delightful? You have come to the right place—Asian Footwears! 

    We have compiled a list of the best Asian shoes under 1500 rupees for both men and women in 2024. From conquering your running goals to fashion forward individuals, there's something for everyone. Are you ready to check out some of our top picks? Let’s dive in 😍

    For Men

    1. Hypercushion-01: The Running Gear

    Feature of Asian Hypercushion-01 Running shoes for men

    Features to keep an eye on: ETPU midsole, ETPU air beads, Tri-knit aesthetic. 

    Extreme breathability, stylish design accents, ultra-lightweight.

    Ideal for: Running enthusiasts who demand comfort and style.        

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    1. Target-01: Hit the Trail in Speed

    Feature of Asian Target-01 Sneakers for men

    Features to look out: Stylish design, max grip zigzag outsole 

    Supportive heel counter, energy return, advanced collar structure, synthetic upper.

    Ideal for: Those who want a blend of style and functionality.

    Shop today for ultimate comfort. 


    1. Superpower-02: Unleash your Superman 

    Feature of Asian Superpower-02 Running shoes for men

    Features to consider: Max cushion pod for energy return, 

    Durable power sole, stylish design, super knit breathable design, and more.

    Ideal for: Individuals seeking powerful comfort without compromising on style.

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    1. Twinspring-02: Bounce in Style

    Feature of Asian Twinspring-02 Running shoes for men

    Features that need your attention: Twinspring sole for max bounce, 3D knitted stylish pattern

    Ultralight, and ultra bounce make things easier for fitness enthusiasts. 

    Ideal for: Style conscious individuals who appreciate a lively bounce in every step.

    Start striding in style - buy now


    1. Airweave-03: Perfect Walking Shoe

    Feature of Asian Airwave-03 Running shoes for men

    Key features to stand out: Breathable design, soft EVA midsole, 

    Lightweight, steady sole, memory foam cushioning, and more.

    Ideal for: Those who prioritize breathability and comfort in their everyday footwear.

    Hit the ground walking - purchase now

    For Women


    1. Asian Airweave Ladies-01: Airweave Elegance

    Asian Airweave Ladies-01 Sports Running shoes for women

    Features to keep an eye on: Airweave technology for cool and dry feet

    Stylish design & wavelike design 

    Energy return, featherlight comfort, and more.

    Ideal for: Women who want a blend of elegance, comfort, and breathability.

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    1. Blossom-06: Blooming Comfort

    Asian Blossom-06 Running shoes for women

    Features to look out: Stylish design, EVA sole design 

    Breathable upper, comfortable soft cushioning tech, 

    Trendy design and plenty of colour options.

    Ideal for: Those who appreciate a trendy and comfortable everyday shoe.

    Time to step out in style - buy today


    1. Superfly-12: Stylish Shoe for Women

    Asian Superfly-12 Running shoes for women

    Features to consider: Powerful and comfortable shoe, 

    Wavy knitted upper, EVA chunky sole, 

    super knit design, extremely breathable.

    Ideal for: Fashion forward women who want a powerful statement in their shoes.

    Own your pair - grab today


    1. Superfly-06: Adventure Shoe

    Asian Superfly-06 Running shoes for women

    Features that need your attention: Soleflex technology for max comfort

    Upper lightweight at just 300 grams, breathable knitted sneakers

    Travel steady for wild adventures and explorations. 

    Ideal for: Women on the go who prioritize comfort during their voyage.

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    1. Mercury-01: Running on Clouds

    Asian Mercury-01 running shoes for women

    Key features to stand out: Memory foam insole for shock absorption 

    Flexible construction for a better running experience

    Antiskid outsole, pressure free tongue, max cushion tech.

    Ideal for: Active women looking for a versatile shoe that caters to their various needs.

    Shop today for ultimate comfort. 


    Ladies and gentlemen, we at Asian Footwears continue to redefine quality shoe options for you, combining innovation, style, and comfort in every pair. Upgrade your shoe collection with these top picks under 1500 rupees in 2024!