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    Best Shoe For Style and Speed: Metacushion-02

    Are you a fitness freak who loves to run, hit the gym, and show your moves to the world? Well, if you need real performance, then you must grab a real shoe. The Metacushion-02 shoe can be your perfect upgrade.

    What’s new in this shoe? And what’s the hype about Meta Cushion technology? We know you must have a lot of questions. Worry not; we have all the answers to tackle your curiosity.

    So, hear us out... Imagine, guys, what if you could take a leap as soon as you placed your foot on the ground while playing your sport? Would it not be amazing? You must be wondering how that can be possible; is it some sort of fairy tale? Of course not.

    Let us read ahead and decide together if the newly launched MetaCushion-02 is actually a high-end performance shoe or not.

    Presenting you the most advanced and unique shoe with amazing comfort to the core.

    Asian Metacushion-02 Running Shoes for men

    MetaCushion technology defines comfort through a new design perspective in the midsole of a shoe; the cavity equipped between the midsole functions as a cushion to deliver energy return in each stride.

    Super air flow in Metacushion-02

    Asian metacushion-02 shoes

    The Metacushion-02 shoe features advanced warp jacquard technology in its upper that is amazingly breathable, allowing the air to flow freely and letting all sweat dry while you run or walk. You’ll surely get rid of that unpleasant odour and foot infections, as your Metacushion shoe is highly breathable and always ready to make your ride more blissful. 

    Memory foam technology for ultimate comfort

    Asian Metacushion-02 Running shoes for men

    The Metacushion-02 has a memory foam therapy insole with an arch-fit profile that provides contoured support and comfort for your feet. The insole is moulded to fit the unique profile of your foot, ensuring a perfect fit every time you slip on your Metacushion-02 shoes. So, get ready to feel the cloud-like comfort.

    Durability and Flexibility to keep you active

    Asian Metacushion-02 Running Shoes for men

    Guys, this shoe features a sturdy sole that helps you maintain balance while moving or running. Metacushion-02 has a fine outsole that provides excellent grip to runners, thanks to the construction of lugs in the high end outsole. The upper of this shoe has been engineered with the use of warp knitted jacquard technology, which allows the runner to move their foot naturally.

    Trendy design for Trendsetter in you

    Asian Metacushion-02 Running Shoes for men

    Your ride becomes more efficient when your shoes have all the power to give you the performance you need. The bonus point of this shoe is ultra-light weight that enhances your ride. Yes, it only weighs 425 grams. 

    Along with its lighter weight, the Metacushion-02 shoe also provides adequate support and cushioning for your feet.

    Asian Metacushion-02 Running Shoes for men

    To be honest, as we design our shoes, we don’t put aesthetics behind. Our sole motto is to deliver a shoe that is comfortable, durable, and stylish; therefore, Metacushion-02 is a perfect example of our design philosophy.

    Well, it was a lot of info about Metacushion-02. Hopefully, it will convince you a lot. Now, delay not and get your pair now!

    Until next time, happy riding...