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    Best Asian Running Shoes Under 1500

    Here we have brought a curated list of best running shoes from Asian Footwears under 1500 so you can jog, walk and run hard without getting your pocket hurt.  

    Alright, so are you ready to get ahead in the game? We at Asian Footwears care for you and feel the need and requirement of our consumers. Therefore, we are offering you the best available shoes under 1500 to achieve your goals with us. After all that’s all we want for our lovely AsianRiders. 

    You must be wondering, what makes a running shoe best? Here are some essential points which you can keep in mind while picking from our best ones.


    Best Shoes Under 1500, so you can just slay at your workouts and Running sessions

    Powered with performance like a stallion - Innova 15

    • The Innova-15 will cost you just ₹ 1319 and can give you more than any shoe. It is a deal breaker with more at less. Know why? 
    • First the design which is being constructed in accordance with premium comfort, exceptionally well-equipped sole for enhanced performance. 
    • Subtle cushioning to give extra comfort, no matter whether you run, lift or walk.
    • Get in 4 attractive colors.

    Innova-15 is one of the most selling and durable shoes from Asian Footwears and perfect for runners.


    Want to enhance your performance in running? Upgrade to the performance-centric (Innova-03)

      • Reasons to grab Innova-03, the beast performance shoes:
      • Ergonomic design with impeccable fitting. 
      • Novel 3D knitting technology used on the upper.
      • Advanced collar mechanism.


      An athlete like you of course devours and deserves a beast mode like running shoe, therefore slay with our most appealing and up to the mark (Innova -13)

        • Know why this, Innova-13, will match your vibe: Advanced Max Cushion Technology for you to perform better in your physical activities. 
        • Light weight of this shoe will let you break all the shackles. 
        • Brilliant shock absorption in the new phylon sole provides good elasticity. 


        Look at this immersive and elegant running shoe, there is no reason to avoid the (Innova-04), it is a deal grabber! Designed with pure aesthetics and upgraded technology.

          • Reasons to grab it as quickly as possible:
          • Comfort which motivates you to run harder than before
          • Unmatchable grip with anti-skid TPR sole 
          • Breathable knitted upper designed to reduce sweat
          • Shop this Innova-04 now!


          How can we not include Innova-08 when talking of the best of Asian shoes.

            Ranging from affordability to superiority, Innova-08 won’t let you down anywhere. An inevitable partner for your workouts, running, walking and designed to hold you tight on any surface. Offering the most amazing grip so you can trek the mountains effortlessly. Are you still looking to know
            more reasons to add it in your cart? 
            What does Innova-08 offer? 
            • Super comfy lateral support to help you land better. 
            • Softest cushioning to deliver the extra comfort
            • Super light for your maximum agility 


            Wrap Up- All the above-mentioned shoes offer 3D knitting technology. The most upgraded phylon sole. Memory Foam technology.  Pressure-free tongue, advanced structure collar, and reflexive laces. To put a cherry on top, they all are our trendiest shoes, and come under only Rs 1500.