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    Asian Shocker 01: Run an Extra Mile

    Running or walking is now an unmatched experience with Asian Footwears’ Shocker 01. Imagine a shoe that handles shock absorption with utmost ease, but how? Let us step you into these pair of excellent shoes...

    The latest Shocker-01 has been designed to provide additional cushioning and support to your feet and ankles during physical activity. This pair of shoes is specially designed to deliver a high level of performance for individuals who engage in high-impact activities such as running, jumping, aerobics, or workout sessions.

    Let’s plunge into shock absorption tech

    Asian Shocker-01 Running Shoes for men

    Shocker-01 features a capsule-like tube that delivers ultimate comfort. The midsole is made with a Hyperboost EVA compound that enhances cushioning experience, further improving the shock absorption experience. Taking strides with advanced shocker technology becomes effortless as it gives you rebound surge kinetic energy feedback that ultimately doesn’t let your feet feel the fatigue.

    Shocker Technology is a lightweight construction that minimises foot fatigue, making it ideal for all-day wear. Yes, Riders, you can jump, roll, or glide with Shocker-01, as it is ideal for energy surge.

    Breathable knitted upper

    Asian Shocker-01 Running Shoes for men

    These cool pair of kicks feature a 3D knitted, super-breathable upper technology for excellent air circulation. It promotes airflow, keeping your feet fresh and dry throughout the day.

    The breathable upper of Shocker-01 has been constructed from lightweight and porous materials called knit, which allow air to circulate freely. It also wicks away moisture and sweat, which can help prevent blisters and other foot problems.

    Grip that holds you just right

    Asian Shocker-01 Running Shoes for men

    The high-end TPR (thermoplastic rubber) outsole features a sturdy grip; one can hike on the highest terrains with them or just uplift their game on the ground. Lead your game and boost your ride with a grip that can deliver superior support and adequate flexibility.

    Style and comfort

    Asian Shocker-01 Running Shoes for men

    Dear Riders, Shocker-01 is no behind when it comes to elevating your style game. In tune with memory foam technology, these stunning pair of shoes let you remain comfortable all day. Available in three hot colour options, you can flaunt your style wherever you go. 

    Step into style, grab the colour!

    Asian Shocker-01 Running Shoes for men

    Make a statement with your shoes by playing with twistful color combinations. Go bold with contrasting colors or stay sleek with complementary shades. Whether you're looking to stand out or blend in, the right combination of shoes can make all the difference. So why settle for a boring pair of shoes when you can create a masterpiece with Shocker-01?

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