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    Amp up your workouts with Asian shoes for men and women

    Ciao AsianRiders, We hope you’re doing well. With the expansion and innovation in the shoe industry, there are different kinds of shoes, be they running shoes, walking shoes, cross-training shoes, and so forth. It becomes a herculean task to pick out the right one; however, we won’t let you wander in this vicious circle of perplexity.

    Right shoe breaks away all the barriers coming your way and lets you move with flexibility.

    For an effective workout, you must have good shoes, which can help you accomplish your fitness goals. Now, we've compiled a exquisite list just for you, so you can groove along and slay at your workouts. So, are you ready to grab the most amazing shoes by Asian? 

    Asian FIREFLY-01 Women Shoe

    Woman has worn Asian Firefly-01 Shoe

    Engineered with the finest fabrics, this shoe features a breathable mesh upper that allows your feet to breathe and expel excess sweat. The light-weight sole helps you run better.

    Asian Firefly-01 Shoe

    The shoe's Soleflex technology uses shock absorption to improve your bounce and jump experience. FIREFLY-01 comes in 3 beautiful colours and will be the right fitness partner for you.

    Asian SUPERFLY-03 Women Shoe with Stellar Comfort

    Woman has worn Asian Superfly-03 shoe

    The highlight of this shoe is the level of comfort present in it, and secondly, the eye-pleasing ergonomic design of the shoe will be super attractive.

    Asian Superfly-03 shoe

    The SUPERFLY-03 employs extra cushion technology to provide maximum comfort and make running and exercise easier and joyful. SUPERFLY-03 is our bestseller and our AsianRiders FAM has already showered so much love to this dazzling shoe.  

    Asian INNOVA-04 Sports Shoe for Men

    Man has worn Asian Innova-04 Shoe

    If you’re looking for an ultimate fitness partner to accomplish your fitness goals, then there can be no better option than INNOVA-04 shoe. This gear has been designed especially for strenuous physical activities like running, gym and other training tasks.

    Asian Innova-04

    This shoe delivers the ultimate performance with the help of MaxCushion Tech to keep your game up. At the level of comfort INNOVA-04 is top notch with its Air Cushion Foam. Make them yours now!

    Keep one step ahead with MOLECULE-01

    Man has worn Asian Molecule-01

    Coming in 3 different colours, MOLECULE-01 will astonish you with its light weight, good elasticity, and perfect shock absorption performance. While running, this shoe keeps your sweat out as it has a 3D breathable knitted upper.

    Asian Molecule-01

    This shoe has been tuned with Memory Foam technology to provide extra comfort. Another major highlight of this shoe is the great anti-skid grip that can hold you in any terrain. What are you waiting for? Add it to your cart now!

    If you want to explore more sports shoes to work out with, you can check out our complete collection of Asian Footwears right now.

    Until next time, keep running and stay healthy.