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    Airweave-02: MS Dhoni's Fav Pick

    Running on the tracks, hitting the gym, or flaunting your moves in street style is now an unmatched experience with Airweave-02. The Airweave technology allows for better air circulation, keeping your feet cool and dry all day long.

    The ultra-smooth Airweave-02 is not only performance-centric but constructed with sustainable materials and compatible with all sporting disciplines. We have landed in the summer season, and it is not only good shoes that define our AsianRiders but top-notch running gear like Airweave-02 for their all-day comfort and performance. 

    What makes Airweave-02 stand out?

    Airweave-02 Sneaker for men

    The answer is the crazy tech of energy rebound that comes from the HyperBoost midsole. Let us explore it together!

    Energy rebound rate refers to the amount of energy that is returned to the runner when their foot strikes the ground during running. In other words, it is a measure of how efficiently a running shoe converts the energy of impact into forward propulsion.

    When a runner's foot strikes the ground during running, a certain amount of energy is absorbed by the shoe and the ground. This truly help to increase the runner's speed and reduce the amount of energy needed to run.

    Worry not; let us simplify things for you:

    When you drop a bouncing ball on the floor, it hits the ground, and some of its energy is absorbed by the ground. However, because the ball is made of a material that can spring back into shape, some of the energy is returned to the ball as it bounces back up into the air. The energy rebound rate of a running shoe works in a similar way, with the shoe absorbing some of the energy from the impact of the foot hitting the ground and then returning some of that energy back to the foot to help propel the runner forward.

    Exceptional Craftsmanship

    Asian Airweave-02 Sneakers for men

    At first glance, the idea of a shoe boasting 10,000+ threads may seem excessive. However, the Airweave-02's extraordinary thread count is not just about quantity; it signifies a quantum leap in shoe construction. While traditional shoes rely on a limited number of threads, the Airweave-02 harnesses the power of 10,000+ meticulously woven threads to achieve unmatched durability, flexibility, and comfort.

    Style Redefined

    The Airweave-02 not only excels in functionality but also sets a new standard in style. With its aggressive and minimalist design, it showcases futuristic elegance. The shoe is available in a wide range of colours, allowing wearers to express their individuality while staying at the forefront of fashion trends. Take a look; that’s how our Riders slay!

    Asian Airweave-02 Shoes for men

    Let’s get into the magic and performance of HyperBoost Eva

    HyperBoost Eva cushioning is a technology used in Asian Footwears running shoes that is designed to provide lightweight and responsive cushioning for runners.

    Asian Airweave-02 Shoes for men

    The benefits of HyperBoost Eva cushioning include:

    • Lightweight: HyperBoost Eva cushioning is significantly lighter than traditional foam cushioning, which can help reduce the overall weight of the shoe.
    • Responsive: The organic fibres used in HyperBoost Eva cushioning provide a higher level of rebound and energy return, resulting in a more responsive ride.
    • Durable: The unique fusion process used in HyperBoost Eva cushioning creates a more durable foam material that can withstand the rigours of running.
    • Shock absorption: HyperBoost Eva cushioning provides excellent shock absorption, which can help reduce the impact on joints and muscles during running.

    Grab it Before it’s Gone

    For Riders who are always on the go, Airweave-02 is a godsend. It is available on our website. So, click here to grab it and fuel your ride today!

    What's even more exciting is that our brand ambassador, the legendary MS Dhoni, has chosen Airweave-02 as his go-to running shoes.😍