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    5 Useful Tips to Keep Yourself Cool on Hot Summer Walks

    Man is walking

    Summer season is approaching and you are freaking out that how would you handle the heat. This is going to ruin your walking pleasure, but worry not, as we are here to rescue you from the dreadful heat and keep you cool in the hottest times.

    We won’t beat around the bush; therefore, let’s get straight to the point...

    1. Choosing the Right Time to Walk

    Yup, the right time is the key to getting the right results; therefore, you must choose the correct time and step out when it is cool outside. Make a schedule, stick to it, and be consistent in following it to get better results.

    It is best to run on early morning, however you can choose the evening time when sun sets down. It is not at all like winter, when you can begin your walk or run at any time of the day. With limited options in the summer, you have to face and overcome these challenges.

    2. Keep Yourself Hydrated

    Your body releases a lot of fluid in the summer, and dehydration occurs when your intake of fluid decreases and your body loses a greater amount of fluid. Guys, dehydration can be a bit tricky if you constantly ignore it. It can cause problems like headaches, constipation, lethargy, and so on.

    We know you guys are smart enough to keep yourself hydrated…

    It is of the utmost importance to keep yourself fighting fit by beating the summer. You should carry essential gear like a water bottle, a small cloth that can absorb your sweat, and a shoe constructed with breathable material; you can check our website for shoes made with breathable uppers.

    3. Keep Your Head Cool and Cover

    In the summer, the sun's rays fall directly on your head and have a high intensity, raising your body's temperature. If you expose yourself directly to these sunrays, it can be dangerous. Therefore, you must avoid it and take adequate measures by keeping your head properly covered. Use a cap or bandana made of cotton cloth.

    4. Take Little Breaks

    If you are a regular runner, then you must be aware of how significant it is to give proper rest to your body. As you take a small break under a tree, your body temperature will cool down and the risk of overheating will decrease.

    5. Good Running Shoes Means Good Partner

    Yes, guys, running in the summer is a tiresome task; however, a good pair of running shoes can make it easier for you. Now, presenting you the most amazing running partner in summer season- Legend-01 shoe. The newly launched Legend-01 features the new technology of Hyperboost EVA compound for extra bounce. The TPU & Waveflow midsole offer high energy return, which helps give the wearer a more comfortable and efficient stride.

    TPU is a highly durable and flexible material that is able to withstand the repetitive impacts and stresses of walking and running. It is an excellent material for shoe midsoles, as it has excellent resistance to wear and tear.

    Using the powerful midsole of this shoe, whenever a person strikes their foot on the ground, the energy from the impact is absorbed by the shoe's midsole. A TPU midsole is able to store and release this energy, which can help reduce the feeling of fatigue in the legs and feet. This design feature can help reduce the amount of effort required to walk or run, making it ideal for those who engage in a lot of physical activity.

    For your comfort, it uses advanced memory foam therapy technology that has extra cushioning for 23% more comfort from the heel to the toe.

    The TPR (Thermoplastic rubber) outsole equipped in this shoe helps the wearer to maintain balance with the help of an excellent grip.

    Wrap up

    We guess you can trust our Legend-01 shoe for your summer training sessions, and do you need more reasons to buy!

    Add them to your cart, and make it your fitness partner right away!