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    5 Tips to clean your shoes like a pro

    Dear AsianRiders, you purchase shoes with your hard-earned money, then do not take care of them ugh, disappointment. Well, cool down; we are here to rescue you!

    Your Asian shoes indeed deserve some love and care. Yes, it is completely fine if you wash your shoes from time to time.

    Keeping your shoes and socks clean, you will not expose your feet to any hygiene issues. This habit of cleaning will surely help you avoid that stinky smell. Sometimes, if you don’t wash your dirty shoes and socks, there is a complaint of a fungal infection on the feet. So, be aware, Asian Riders, although we know you guys are smart enough.

    • Start with a Dry Brush

    We recommend that you aim to get rid of as much dirt as possible with the use of a dry brush. Remove the dust from the uppers, outsole, and midsole. Keep in mind that you don’t pressure too much and follow the process gently. Don’t worry if you don’t have the shoe brush; cheer up! An old toothbrush will work fine.

    • Prepare an easy-peasy cleaning solution

    Take a small bit of dish soap or mild laundry detergent with lukewarm water.

    You may also prepare an effective cleaning paste if your shoes are white and lighter-coloured with the use of baking soda and water in equal parts.

    • Let your laces take a bath

    After preparing a soap solution and creating enough bubbles, just let your laces swim in the solution. Gently rub the laces with your hands, and surely the stains will be gone. If the stains are rigid, soak your shoelaces in the solution for about 30 minutes before dabbing them dry with a soft cloth.

    • Cleaning the soles

    Our outsoles get dirty most of the time, so just apply the cleaning solution to your shoe brush, old toothbrush, or washcloth. Take your time and clean the outsole thoroughly. Dry it with a soft cloth.

    Tip: If you wish to clean your insole, then you must begin washing it first. Remove the insole gently and apply the solution; be sure it becomes completely dry before putting it inside your shoe for your use.

    • Washing the Uppers

    Use the cleaning solution with a brush, toothbrush, or soft cloth to clean the uppers. Too much pressure on your shoes can be harmful, so make sure you follow the process carefully. After you get satisfaction from the look and shine, use a dry cotton cloth to remove the remaining soap. Repeat gently if required. Let your shoes air dry completely before you use them for your next activity.

    Alright, so thank us later. Get to work, and we are sure that after you are done, you’ll be giving yourself a pat on the back for washing your shoes like a pro.