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    5 Budget Sneakers Under 1000 For Men

    Hello amigos!

    We are here today to help you make the right decision for your fantastic feet. In today’s world of fast life, you need to match up with the speed to stand out and set the trend.

    Alright, so what we want here is to get the best sneakers at a budget friendly price so our pockets don’t hurt. So, dear Riders, we have created a list just for you, and worry not, we've got your back.

    Without further ado, let’s begin!

    Bring on your killer look with Asian Sniper-11

    Asian Sniper-11 Sneaker for men

    The incredibly designed Asian Sniper-11 is Asian Footwears’ best sneaker. Being one of the latest sneakers in the Asian’s collection, Sniper-11 adds to your outfit with its sophisticated looks. These sneakers have a lot to offer: an ultra-lightweight design for quick movements, a full synthetic and waterproof upper, an advanced collar structure for supreme comfort, and so forth.

    You can grab these sneakers in three different and splendid colours. Check them out now!

    Jasper-06 to make you look FAB

    Asian Jasper-06 Sneaker for men

    If style is your thing, then Jasper-06 is the perfect choice for you!

    Carefully crafted with soft and premium materials, these sneakers have a sleek design. You can match your outfits with these fabulous sneakers. They have the comfort of Memory foam, and you can always count on them for your ready-to-go sneakers, be it a party, a stroll, or a casual outing.

    Add these classic sneakers to your collection today!

    Achiever-15: Style, Comfort, & Grip

    Asian Achiever-15 Sneaker for men

    What more do you need when you can have all the necessary features in a single shoe? Yup, with Achiever-15 sneakers, you can achieve more than ever.

    These can be your new party partner on a very friendly budget, offering you some of the stunning features like excellent design, sturdy grip, and cool colour combinations.

    Skypee-33: Show The World Your Unique Moves

    Asian Skypee-33 Sneaker for men

    Yes, the sky is the limit when you are wearing our Skypee 33 sneakers. It features a high neck design that looks awesome and is pretty cool. It features an Air Cool insole that keeps your feet dry for all-day comfort. The lightweight PVC sole enhances your ride and lets you move like thunder.

    Thunder-01 For Those Who Love Spreading Magic in Their Every Move

    Asian Thunder-01 Color Changing Sneaker for men

    There’s no denial about the fact that colour-changing shoes are the new trend; however, what does it really offer?

    Guys, only a true sneakerhead knows the importance of real good sneakers. After all, sneakers have the power to impress your mates and set the trend to take you to the top!

    Asian Footwears' Thunder-01 is no behind when it comes to tech and comfort, as you don’t need to compromise on comfort because of the Air Cool cushion technology in the supreme insole of this shoe. 


    If you have come this far, then we're sure you're already impressed with our shoes. Now hurry up and begin your ride today!