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    3 Key points while buying shoes to accomplish your goals

    With the plethora of shoe options we have been thrown into a state of confusion while choosing the right shoe for the right task. An average person in the world at least walk 5 to 10 minutes in a day. For your physical activities, a good running shoe is a must have accessory. 


    We suggest that you should be aware which shoe type is best for your feet.

    Wet test’ to know your feet type


    The wet test is a procedure that reveals your foot shape by revealing the arches. It's important to take it to get the perfect shoes with the necessary comfort and support to your feet.

    You must be wondering how to conduct this test? It’s super easy! Just follow my lead.

    For a precise result, take a brown piece of paper and just place your feet on it. The imprint will tell you the shape of your foot. If you don’t encounter any curve, it means you have a flat foot.

    Be specific, avoid picking any shoe

    There are different shoes for different purposes and there is no one shoe which is multitasking. You must know how to differentiate, for instance you cannot wear a sneaker shoe to a gym as they are not manufactured for you physical activity goals. People who think any pair of shoes will help them reach their exercise goals are entirely mistaken.

    Let’s say, if you spend the entire day engaging in strenuous physical activity, you should wear shoes that provide additional cushioning to smooth your journey.

    Be a feature-centric customer

    Dig deep and know your requirements, if you need shoe just for a strolling activity, then you can go for a light weight slip-ons like Asian Superwalk 11. On the contrary if you are focusing on your intensive running sessions then you can go for a shoe like Asian Innova 4

    Be a little aware about the new technology used in shoes, don’t just fall for the fancy names, instead try to figure out how those features actually function. People facing problems such as heel pain, ankle-twisting, and so on will really need to pick shoes very carefully from initially about the features they want to have in their shoes.

    Wrap up

    Since 1994, Asian Footwear has held a prominent position in the footwear industry. Asian has established a reputation for manufacturing shoes of the finest quality and superb craftsmanship, making it the most popular shoe brand in India. Asian produce a wide variety of shoes, including sports shoes, slip-ons, sandals, sneakers, and EVA slippers, for all age groups and genders.